Small talk

V.= Vicky - K.= Karen


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 V.: Have you got any brothers and sisters, Karen?

 K.: No, I'm an only child, but I've got fourteen cousins.

 V.: Do you see them often?

 K.: Well not very often, only at Christmas and weddings and things like that.

 V.: Mm. Oh, before I forget. Neil and I usually go to the sports centre on Sundays. Do you want to come with us tomorrow?

 K.: Yes please. What time?

 V.: We usually leave here at half past nine.

 K.: What time does the swimming pool open?

 V.: Ten o'clock on Sundays. You need a swimming cap.

 K.: Oh, I haven't got one. Perhaps I can buy one at the sports centre.

 V.: I can probably lend you one.

 K.: Oh, right, thanks.

 V.: Well, I'm off to bed now. See you in the morning.

 K.: Yeah. Goodnight.

Charity begins at home.