Working at home

B.= Barbara Smith - R.= Radio interviewer


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 R.: Good morning. Welcome to the fifth programme in our series, "Trends for Tomorrow". Today we'll be discussing the growing trend of computer operators working from home. In the studio with us today is Barbara Smith. Now, Barbara, you've been working from home for nearly three years now, haven't you? How did it all start?

 B.: Well, my company offered the possibility of working at home for a trial period of three months and I decided to take up the offer.

 R.: How did most of the staff react? Did everyone want to try working from home?

 B.: Well, no. Surprisingly perhaps, a lot of people weren't really interested. The company wanted fifteen volunteers but in fact only nine people applied.

 R.: Is it not a fact that most people prefer to get out of the house, see new faces, meet other people, you know, get the chance to chat to people other than the family? They see all that as part of the attraction of a job.

 B.: Well, yes, I suppose that's true.

 R.: Don't you ever feel isolated yourself?

 B.: Well, I suppose I do miss chatting to the other staff in the office, yes. But I'd hate to have to start going in to work again. Waiting for the bus in the rain and that sort of thing. I mean the only...

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