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  Good evening.

 Today's Sports News headlines are read by Mike Hatfield.

 An easy win for the light blues in this afternoon's Boat Race.

 They pulled ahead early on and increased their lead to ten clear lengths at the finishing line.

 Blackburn Rovers' captain, Dave Hanley, who is due to retire at the end of the season, was without a doubt the man of the match today.

 He scored three goals including a penalty kick in the last few seconds of the game.

 That takes his total of goals scored this season up to twenty-seven.

 Fans cheered him for a full five minutes after his final winning goal today.

 The All-Blacks rugby team beat the England side at Twickenham this afternoon.

 The final score was: All-Blacks twenty two, England sixteen with Jones scoring a brilliant try for England in the second half.

 Highlights of the game will be shown on BBC1 tonight.

 Cricket - in the first innings of the third Test Match in Melbourne today England were all out for three hundred and four and the Australians had just come in to bat when rain stopped play.

 And now here are the football results.

 League Division One. Everton 1, Tottenham Hotspurs 1; Manchester United 0, Arsenal 2; Blackburn Rovers 3, Chelsea 2 ...

Slow and steady wins the race.