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Spanish course for Windows PC 32 bits

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Click on the above words to listen to their pronunciations and to see their translations

Retail price for the off-line software: $49

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Aside from working with the complete free online course, you can purchase the "off-line" software which will function on your computer without an internet connexion. Payable with a paypal account or simply with a credit card

As soon as we receive from Paypal confirmation of your payment, we will send you the address to download the product.

Before ordering, it is important that you download one free lesson from the cdrom http://lapasserelle.com/sm/install_CD to make sure that the product works well on your machine, that you like it, and it fits your needs. Indeed our products don't work on all machines, and by nature they can't be returned.


In ninety simple and progressive lessons, learn the Spanish language spoken today in Spain, Latin America, and other parts of the world.

Each lesson has three sections:

  • a lively dialog which you can listen to and repeat phrase by phrase, and word by word. You can read the translation of each sentence, and of each word in context.

  • a grammar section giving you all the necesssary explanations on new constructions or expressions,

  • a section of exercises to check your understanding, your ability to express yourself in Spanish. There are also exercises on verb conjugation, pronounciation, etc.

Also available for German speakers, contact us.