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Date : 10 février 1995

DELPHI, an international online service, provides full access to the Internet including real-time electronic mail, file transfers with "FTP," remote log-ins to other Internet hosts using "Telnet," and direct access to Usenet newsgroups. DELPHI's Internet services also include a custom Internet Gopher, which will let you connect via simple menus to thousands of other sites around the world and take advantage of their vast resources. You can easily customize the gopher to put the places you want to contact on your own menu. The gopher is supplemented by menu selection of common databases and utilities, including the searching utilities archie, WAIS, World Wide Web,veronica, netfind, whois, finger, hytelnet, and more. You are not limited to menu items, but can use ftp and telnet to connect to thousands of other places as well. Also available is Internet Relay Chat, which allows you to "talk" live by keyboard with others all over the world. There are also many ways to exchange messages with people with similar professions or interests. There are thousands of listservs, mailing lists, and newsgroups that you can subscribe to via DELPHI. DELPHI is the only leading consumer online service to offer such a wide variety of Internet features.

Because DELPHI is a well known consumer online service, the Internet is now easily accessible to much broader base of personal computer users. DELPHI has easy-to-use menus, low access costs, and over 150 services in addition to the new Internet gateway. DELPHI is also easy to reach; there are access numbers through Sprintnet or Tymnet in over 800 cities and towns throughout the US and in many other countries. The combined resources of DELPHI and the Internet is a great package for anyone interested in online services.

The Internet is in effect the world's largest computer network. It is comprised of thousands of networks and computers tying together companies, colleges, schools, government agencies, and other organizations. There are currently an estimated 15 to 20 million users. This incredible reach of the network will mean better and more specialized services for all users. For example, users can take electronic courses conducted by leading universities, access reports from government agencies, and get product information and support directly from companies. Electronic mail can be used to send private messages to anyone on the Internet and many commercial networks like Compuserve and MCI Mail.

DELPHI's connection to the Internet works both ways: In addition to offering access out to other networks, DELPHI provides value-added services to people already on the Internet. Any user of the Internet can access DELPHI to use services such as Grolier's Academic American Encyclopedia, the Dictionary of Cultural Literacy, Reuters and UPI newswires, stock quotes, computer support, EAASY Sabre travel reservations, special interest groups, real-time conferencing, downloadable programs, and multi-player games. All these services can be reached through the Internet simply by joining DELPHI and then telnetting to the address "".

In order to help new users with questions related to the Internet, DELPHI has an area online to provide support. The Internet Special Interest Group (SIG) includes an active message forum where members and staff can exchange useful information. Comprehensive guide books, downloadable software, and information files are also available.

DELPHI has two membership plans: the 10/4 Plan is $10 per month and includes the first 4 hours of use; additional use is $4 per hour. The 20/20 Advantage Plan is $20 per month, includes 20 hours of use, and is only $1.80 per hour for additional time.

DELPHI is transitioning from 2400 bps to 9600 bps. You may use Sprintnet and Tymnet 9600 bps numbers wihout extra charge, but you may encounter some speed loss at 9600 during the transition period. 14,400 bps access is also available by direct dial at 617-492-9600 at no extra charge, although you are responsible for your own long distance charges, if any. The Internet service option is an extra $3 per month and includes a generous transfer allocation of 10 megabytes (the equivalent of about 3,000 typewritten pages). Access during business hours via Sprintnet or Tymnet carries a $9 per hour surcharge. There is no surcharge evenings after 6pm your local time or on weekends. Rates from outside of the United States are generally higher.

Through a special trial membership offer, anyone interested in learning more about DELPHI and the Internet can receive 5 hours of access for free. To join, dial by modem, 1-800-365-4636 (current Internet users should telnet to "" instead). After connecting, press return once or twice. At the Username prompt, enter JOINDELPHI and at the password prompt, type INTERNETSIG. DELPHI Member Service Representatives can also be reached by voice at 1-800-695-4005. International users should call 617-491-3393 by voice.

Thank you for your interest. I will be glad to answer any further questions you may have.

Written by Walt Howe, SIG Mgr.

Co-author of _Internet Basics, Your Online
Access to the Global ElectronicSuperhighway
with Steve Lambert, Random House, 1993
ISBN 0-679-75023-1