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Going to America
translation / explanation
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map of the United States

hp   François goes to the United States to spend one year in California.

hp   He is French and his English is not very good.

hp   But he plans to improve it when he lives there.

hp   His plane takes off from Paris on Sunday at 10 o'clock.

hp   Twelve hours later it lands at San Francisco airport.

hp   The time difference between France and the west coast of the United States is nine hours.

hp   So the local time is only one o'clock in the afternoon of the same day when his plane lands.

hp   François changes 500 euros into dollars at the airport.

hp   Then he asks a young woman where is the bus to Palo Alto.

hp   M.: Oh, I go to Palo Alto too, she says.   hp   We can share a cab.

hp   M.: My name is Margaret. And you?

hp   F.: I'm François.

hp   An hour later they are in Palo Alto.

hp   Margaret gives her phone number to François.

hp   They say goodbye on the sidewalk of University avenue.


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