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Learn foreign languages, mathematics, accounting, finance, and much more, with our free online courses.

Discover our three new courses in physics from Leonard Susskind video lectures:


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General accounting exercise

Post yourself the following transaction:


account to debit:     amount :
account to credit:     amount:

(enter numbers without monetary units in the amount boxes)

Cours de langues

pour francophones

règles de confidentialité concernant les annonces Google





Language courses

para hispanohablantes / for English speakers

confidentiality of Google ads


Interactive video clips

Music clips with original lyrics and translations in many languages, all interactive.

Cours de mathématiques

Cours de mathématiques de toutes les classes de collège et de la classe de seconde, conformes aux programmes, avec videos sur youtube et pages de texte.

  1. 1ere S (en cours) : leçon sur les paraboles

  2. 1ere S (en cours) : leçon sur le produit scalaire

  3. terminale S (en cours) : leçon sur les nombres complexes

  4. beginning of a math course in English (6th grade)


Financial calculator, borrowing, interest rate, duration, payments:

Enter loan information:

1) Amount of loan:
(enter an integer, no currency sign)
2) Annual percentage rate of interest:
(enter an integer, no % sign)
3) Repayment period in years:
(enter an integer)
Payment information
4) Your monthly payment: $
5) Your total payment: $
6) Your total interest payments: $
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